I love creating game assets. I look at each model as a unique challenge, much like an architect looks at building requirements during the design and construction phase. I really try to push myself to create assets in different ways each time, always exploring new options and tools. I find that it keeps me much sharper at the technical end, and frees me on the artistic end! Here is some of the more recent props I have been working on.

A futuristic turret! Pew Pew!

Its been about 6 years since I used maya. I use to love it, but I felt the rust coming back to it. This little project was all done in maya to force myself to learn it again. After the initial bumbling I really started to enjoy the flow of the program. I just tried to focus on big shapes for this prop.


Much of the following Modular set was created using this texture. I wanted to avoid unique unwraps except for the doorway.

I wanted to find some cool concept art and try to make it fit into this building. I found a perfect specimen in Paul Richards beefy Quake door!

Fun some fan tech!

Here are some various fantasy statues and props

Here are a few different ways I have approached rocks

Turn Sculpt into tiling textures!


A slightly different approach to these rocks

Turned into tiling texture as well as tiling mesh!


Moar Rocks!

Here are some trees and vines I have explored with