This level is an experiment in modularity. I am trying to use a single tiling techy texture along with 2 tileable sculpted terrain textures and one unique texture (the door) and seeing how far I can push this. It is still early on this experiment, but I can already see some huge advantages for speed and performance. I wanted to explore a more outdoor SciFi Aesthetic with this map after spending all that time in the dungeons!

This is my Tristram Tunnels Test where I was teaching myself to use zbrush. I forced myself to rely on zbrush for almost everything including polypainting for textures. I am a huge diablo fan and was very inspired by Victor Lee’s concept art for Tristram Tunnels. My goal was to take this concept art and break it down to modular bits and sculpt away! It was a great lesson and I definitely gain a few XP in my zbrush talent tree!

Here are some levels I built for Hunted: The Demons Forge.